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6 simple ways to make money as an affiliate without showing up

Many people want to work with  digital marketing,  promoting products as an affiliate .

But due to insecurity, shyness or having another job, they don’t want to appear on the internet .

The good news is that there are several ways to make money as an affiliate without having to expose yourself and that is exactly what we will talk about in this article.

In this guide on 6 simple ways to make money as an affiliate without showing up, we’ll reveal the secrets for your hands-free earnings.

If you want to learn how to work as a digital affiliate continue reading the article 6 simple ways to make money as an affiliate without showing up

6 simple ways to make money as an affiliate without showing up

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Affiliate Marketing

Discover effortless methods for earning as an affiliate without the need to be present. In this guide, we’ll unveil six ways to generate income without requiring your constant presence. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or seeking hands-free income, these strategies have you covered.

1 – Create a niche profile on Instagram.

A niche profile is an Instagram account that focuses on a specific subject or niche market .

For example, a niche Instagram account could focus on animal photography, fashion for plus-size women, or vegan recipes.

The goal is to attract a specific audience interested in the subject and build an engaged community around it.

In other words, you can create a brand   or profile according to your segment and offer quality content  to solve your audience’s pain points.

For example, if you decide to work in the crafts industry, you can create posts like:

  • 5 crochet stitch tips;
  • What are the first steps to crochet?
  • How can you sell more by working with crochet?

After creating an audience , you could affiliate with products and offer them to your audience.

It’s worth remembering that Instagram is a social network that prioritizes videos and photos, so use your creativity to place well-designed images on your page.

2 – Create a Ghost Tik tok:

TIK TOK is today the fastest growing social network in the world, the tool is well known for its dances and viral videos, and for attracting a younger audience.

A good strategy would be to create a ghost tik tok .

Ghost Tik Tok is a term used to describe a Tik Tok account that is created and managed without the need for a real user to appear on camera, as if it were a niche profile .

There are a lot of people making money just by reposting videos that went viral on the foreign market , and offering products as an affiliate.

3 – Videos on Youtube:

Did you know that Youtube is considered the 2nd largest search network in the world?

It is second only to Google itself .

When we think about the platform, we already imagine videos with people interacting with the camera, but it is completely possible to make slides with content from your segment and turn them into videos in programs like Adobe Spark or provide tutorials just by recording your computer screen.

This way, you can provide your audience with relevant information without having to appear.

4 – Paid Traffic:

Another way to work as an affiliate without appearing is through ads on  Google Ads , Facebook/Instagram Ads and Tik Tok Ads .Unlike the ways we mentioned previously, this one requires paying, but a big advantage is that if you really know your  target audience , everything becomes simpler. For example, using the example of crochet, if you configure your ad to appear only to those who searched for “online crochet course” and give characteristics of your audience, such as female, 50 to 65 years old, retired, etc., the chances of sales increase a lot.

Another positive point is that if you analyze the reports, you can get to know your  target audience  better and better and thus carry out more assertive campaigns, increasingly improving your Roi.

Remember that if you don’t have much knowledge with advertising platforms and take it easy, you won’t always get it right the first time.

5 – Make Mini Sites:

Mini sites are a type of blog with  conversion  -oriented SEO techniques .

Just like conventional websites, it is important to define a  niche  and work with in-products within that segment.

If you choose the crafts niche , you can offer knitting, crochet, biscuit, etc. courses.

The aim is to place articles with persuasion techniques so that the user makes a purchase.

The difference between a mini website and a conventional website is that it has little content and does not work on the relationship with the audience.

6 – Email List:

If you are part of the team that values ​​relationships with  leads , a great option is the email list.

This is one of the most used strategies by almost all top affiliates and marketing giants.

It works like this, you must have a landing page on your website that offers valuable content such as an e-book, for example, in exchange for customer information (name and email).

As soon as the user fills in this data, you begin relationship work by offering quality content to the people on the list.

The idea is that by solving the  persona ‘s pains , they become a follower and start to trust you, thus creating a relationship and buying the product you offer.

We hope the resources included in this article 6 simple ways to make money as an affiliate without showing up will help you to get your target.

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