Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

The 6 Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

A company has several types of processes within the production conveyor. Therefore, understanding these tasks and distributing them to employees is an important part of the organization. So, this is where the tools for organizing teams come in.

So, if you’re looking for help managing your team at work (or even your individual routine), stay here. This guide – The 6 Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams, will help you find the tools available on the market for free and by subscription, see what they are.

How to use tools to organize teams

For those who manage teams in a company, one of the biggest challenges is the process chain. Therefore, understanding who is doing what, and when, is a task that can be complicated, especially in larger groups.

Therefore, within corporate processes, most companies use tools to organize teams. This way, it becomes easier to understand where the tasks are distributed, not miss appointments and evaluate the group’s performance.

So, doing all this manually can be very expensive and take a lot of time. At this time, some programs, applications and websites can help with organization. Additionally, check out other benefits of incorporating these resources into your daily life:

  • Schedule group tasks;
  • Creating content together;
  • Set production calendars and delivery times;
  • Check production progress;
  • Evaluate individual and team productivity;
  • Facilitates the organization of activities.

Furthermore, there are several other advantages of incorporating this type of tool into the company’s processes. They help make management much simpler, and have integrations that can make work meetings easier, it’s well worth checking out.

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The 6 Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

So, when starting group tasks, some applications can make the process more dynamic. Especially in larger teams, it is difficult to manage performance and distribution of work for all members.

Therefore, technology can be a great ally at this time. To help you improve the processes in your work routine, we have separated the 6 best tools for organizing teams that the market offers, check out what they are.


Trello is currently one of the best tools for organizing teams, as it is very complete. The platform works both via application, browser and computer program.

Basically, it organizes each person’s tasks like a calendar. Thus, it is possible to tag users, make comments, hold meetings, start conversations and configure the use of the tool to even send reminders of activities to be completed.

Today, it has a free version for smaller teams. Thus, there are some resource limitations, but it is possible to use it smoothly. However, if you want the complete package, plans range from US$5 to US$18, depending on the type of subscription.


Another very popular tool for organizing teams is MeisterTask . Available for browsers and cell phone applications, it also has several features for task management.

Within the platform, it is possible to create checklists , calendars, set delivery deadlines, tag users and much more. Furthermore, it has a very beautiful and well-developed interface, free of charge.

Like Trello, it also has a free version to host up to 3 projects, with unlimited participants. Furthermore, the plans are within the market average, ranging from US$9 to US$17.

3.Google Calendar – one of the Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

Still, for those looking for good integration, Google Calendar can be an excellent option. It combines several useful tools, such as Docs (documents), Sheets (spreadsheets) and even Meet (for video conferencing).

The best thing is that the tool is free, and it works very well. Within it, you can organize dates, enter notes, distribute tasks and use other Google resources during the process and work routine.

4.Asana – one of the Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

Furthermore, Asana is another tool for organizing teams that is very popular around the world. It organizes all of a team’s content in a shared space, to facilitate work routines and processes.

Within the platform it is possible to create portfolios, schedules, calendars and even generate performance reports. Yet another very interesting function is time monitoring, where you can check how long it took a user to complete a task.

5.Microsoft Teams – one of the Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

Microsoft Teams is an alternative very similar to Google Workspace. The proposal for integration between tools is the same, they can use the resources that Microsoft and the Office package provide for users.

Therefore, it is possible to use Word, Excel, Power Point and other programs combined with the task calendar. Also, hold video conference meetings with your team, share files and keep your security up to date with data encryption.

6. Notion – one of the Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams

Finally, we also have Notion , which is a very interactive tool for organizing work. It is a little less complete than options like Trello, but it still has excellent features for managing activities.

It has an optimized calendar, the ability to add steps to tasks, organization by user and different levels of permissions. This way, it offers a slightly more elaborate panel, with folders to store information and files.

Furthermore, for those who enjoy the tool and want to explore even more features, it also has a package subscription. Prices range from US$9 to US$15, plus the option of customized packages for larger business teams.

I hope reading this article on The 6 Best Tools on the Market for Organizing Teams,  you  have acquired enough knowledge to find the tools available on the market for free and by subscription,

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